We’ve worked on transactions as small as a few thousand dollars and as large as a few billion dollars. And we’ve seen nearly every contract and transactional document out there. So, when you need someone to review, revise or create any contract, feel confident in retaining us for the task.

Corporate Formation and Governing Documents

Let us show you the ropes of structuring and forming a new company. Structure your new entity. Prepare governing documents. Stay on top of bylaws, partnership agreements, operating agreements and anything else that might pop up along the way.


Navigating the laws and regulations that govern business isn’t easy. We get it (after all, many of us have been there), and we’re here to help you steer through laws and regulations, ensuring you’re in compliance.


To achieve a mutually beneficial employee-employer relationship, set clear expectations. We can help you spell out those expectations with policies, procedures, handbooks, non-competes and employment agreements that protect your business.

Real Estate

Buying? Selling? Leasing? Developing? Whatever stage you’re in, commercial real estate is a major business decision with legal implications. We’ll work on your agreements and help make the process a smooth one.

Business Succession Planning, including Wills and Trusts


There’s no time like the present to create a plan. Make sure your loved ones and your business are in good hands by letting us handle your will, trust and succession strategy.

Litigation and Appeals

From state and federal courts to arbitral tribunals, Johnsen Law has handled all aspects of numerous cases involving complex commercial litigation and other matters. We don’t just understand the risks and rewards of litigation and appeals. We take that knowledge and use it to craft commonsense business solutions for our clients.


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